The Crusty Pie

Deliciously Homemade


The Crusty Pie

Richard and I decided to go into the pie business we had both come from foodie backgrounds with me working for my Father who had butchers shops and a sausage company and Richard who also worked in his families business dealing with frozen poultry.

As they say, moving on 28 years!! Richard and I have been blessed with two sons, William who is now 27 years old and came into the business in 2006 and Oliver, 24 years old and followed his brother into the business in 2012, at the end of this year William’s girlfriend Suzie also came into the business and on October 10th 2014 they got married.  This has given the business a new energy with lots of great new ideas for the future.

We now sell entirely to YOU the general public; we don’t supply any wholesalers, retailers, catering establishments or restaurants. This enables us to concentrate our efforts in making a product we are really proud of.